For Healthcare Providers

Health Alerts

Health Alert: provides vital, time-sensitive information for a specific incident or situation; warrants immediate action or attention by health officials, laboratorians, clinicians, and members of the public; and conveys the highest level of importance.

Reporting a Communicable/Infectious Disease

Please click the button below to report any of the reportable communicable/infectious diseases to CCCHD. Any additional lab work or paperwork can be faxed to our secure fax line at 937-390-5626.

If you would rather complete the “old” Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease form, please click here.


Immunizations are given according to the schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Ohio Department of Health. For the most up to date immunization schedule, please visit the CDC’s Webpage.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Information

Ohio law requires all healthcare providers to administer blood lead tests to children at age 1 and 2, or up to age 6 if no previous test has been completed based on the following criteria: the child is on Medicaid, lives in a high-risk ZIP code, or has certain other risk factors.

For more about the recommendations for screening and medical management of children please visit the Ohio Department of Health Webpage on Childhood Lead Poisoning.

Infectious Disease Control Manual (IDCM)

The IDCM is designed to be a reference for local health departments, hospitals, laboratories and physicians in providing information about infectious diseases from a public health perspective, including prevention, control and reporting of suspected and diagnosed cases. This manual is updated at least annually to reflect changes in public health practices and disease prevention and control activities.
To visit the IDCM please click on the book icon to the left.