Swimming Pools

The Clark County Combined Health District conducts a swimming pool program under the authority of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3749. All pools are required to meet the minimum requirements of the Ohio Public Swimming Pool, Spa and Special Use Pool Rules.

A license is required of any pool or spa that serves four families or more. The CCCHD will inspect these facilities at least once per year per the Ohio Revised Code with the possibility of more inspections, which will focus on assurance of water quality, maintenance of filtration and recirculation equipment, the presence of necessary safety equipment and warning signs, life guarding requirements, record-keeping, and overall facility operation. All operators are required to keep records of water quality testing results and accidents on a Weekly Operation Report.

Swimming Pool Plan Approval

The initiation of renovations to existing pools or spas requires the submission of plans or a notification report to the Ohio Department of Health for approval. Their specifications can be found on their webpage along with the Virginia Graeme Baker issues. Renovations requiring approval include:

  • Replacement of a disinfectant feeding device with one or more different methods of delivery, capacity or reagent.
  • Replacement of a filter with that of a different media or capacity.
  • Replacement of a pump with a different horsepower or flow rate. Either of these changes is referred to as an “Equipment Replacement.” Approval must be obtained by submitting an Equipment Replacement Form to the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Construction that changes the depth, shape or other basic design of the pool in a manner that affects pool patron safety or recirculation.
  • Changes to the system design.
  • Changes or replaces a deck.
  • Changes to the basic design of a diving board or adds a special feature such as a slide.
  • Complete replacement of the recirculation system.
  • Replacement of all return piping or skimmer piping.
  • Replacement of more than 50 percent of a gutter system or the total number of inlets and outlets.

For further detailed information on these requirements contact the Ohio Department of Health directly at 614-466-1390.

The Clark County Combined Health District makes every effort to assure that patrons of aquatic environments enjoy a safe, healthy experience. Our efforts include working with pool operators to help them gain an understanding of various aspects of the pool facility from water quality to safety. We consider ourselves to be a resource to pool operators and invite questions or concerns they may have.