All plumbing contractors are required to become licensed before starting any project or a penalty will be assessed. Contractors should call the CCCHD by 2 p.m. one day prior to the desired inspections. You will be put on the schedule for the following day and will need to call CCCHD before 9 a.m. for an your appointment time.

Homeowners who plan to do their own plumbing must complete an isometric drawing and review the drawing with the plumbing inspector prior to a permit being issued.


Your plumbing registration/license will expire on December 31, of the current year. The renewal forms will be mailed in early December, to the address that was given on last year’s form. The new plumbing cards for this year will be mailed as they are processed.

Master plumbers, you have until January 31, to pay the renewal fee of $125.00. After that time, you must pay the full amount for a new registration/license of $200.00.

If you have any questions or comments or need further information, please contact us as 937-717-2451 and selection Option 3; or email at

Below is a list of forms including master plumbers, county-only master plumbers, registration for plumbers and permits for commercial, residential and backflow reports:

To request a current list of registered plumbing contractors or backflow testers, please e-mail

The Clark County Plumbing Program, a facet of the Environmental Division of the CCCHD, inspects the plumbing operations of the county to ensure compliance with plumbing code for the safety of public health. Duties of the plumbing program include: registration/licensure of plumbing contractors and their employees, permits and inspections of all commercial and residential plumbing installations, and the review and approval of all commercial plans in Clark County.