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Parks and Campgrounds

The Clark County Board of Health conducts a Park/Campground Program which is state mandated under Ohio Revised Code Section 3729.  The rules for this program are prescribed under Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-25.

Important Definitions

Recreational vehicle park: a tract of land used for parking five or more self-contained recreational vehicles. These vehicles can operate independent of connections to sewer and water and have plumbing fixtures or appliances that are connected to sewage holding tanks located within the vehicle.

Recreation camp: a tract of land upon which five or more portable camping units are placed. These units include dependent recreational vehicles, tents, and portable sleeping equipment used for travel, recreation, or vacation purposes.

Combined park-camp: any tract of land used for parking five or more self-contained recreational vehicles or portable camping units that are used for recreation or vacation purposes.

Temporary park-camp: a tract of land used for a period not to exceed a total of twenty-one days per calendar year for the purpose of parking five, but not more than seventy-five, recreational vehicles, dependent recreational vehicles, or portable camping unit, or any combination thereof, for one or more periods of time that do not exceed seven consecutive days.

Recreational Vehicle Parks, Recreation Camps, Combined Park-Camps & Temporary Park-Camps

Inspections of these locations occur once a year and are concerned with the following areas: sanitary facilities, water protection, solid waste disposal, lot size, spacing, fire protection, safety and nuisance abatement

The licenses for these locations are valid through May 1 of each year. The fee is dependent on the number of lots in the park.

Temporary Park Camps

Plans should be submitted to the Clark County Combined Health District at least fifteen days prior to the event and these lots should be licensed at least seven days prior to the event. The inspection will occur prior to the event and during the event if necessary.