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Environmental Health

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The Environmental Health Division staff promotes healthy environmental practices and enforces state and local laws and regulations to safeguard the health of Clark County residents and visitors.  Each year, we provide thousands of inspections and consultations to individuals and businesses throughout Clark County.

Our programs can be grouped into three categories. Some are required by state law, which means they are mandated and funded through licensing fees. Others are mandated by the state but not funded, and there are also programs that are not required by law. At the Clark County Combined Health District, we operate both the unfunded mandated and non-mandated programs as services for the community.

The inspection staff in the Environmental Health Division are Registered Environmental Health Specialists as required by the State of Ohio.  To qualify for registration, an individual must have a 4-year college degree with concentrated study in sciences, as well as supervised work experience in the profession.

Some helpful Environmental Health resources include:
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