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About Clark County Public Health

To help all residents of Clark County realize their best health outcomes, the Clark County Combined Health District promotes policies, creates systems, and offers services, that empower residents to live a healthy life.

Our workforce of over 120 individuals is dedicated to preventing the spread of disease, promoting healthy lifestyles, and protecting the environment. Please explore this site to learn more about how CCCHD helps keep our community healthy, safe, and thriving.

Our Mission



Improve the health of the community through the prevention of disease, promotion of wellness, and protection from injury. 

Our history

History of Public Health in Springfield & Clark County Ohio

In 1893, the State of Ohio required all municipalities to establish a Board of Health.
This requirement created 2,158 city, village, and township health “units” in Ohio.

On April 17, 1919 the Hughes Act and Griswold Amendment created city and general health districts by requiring the 2,158 health units to combine into 88 general (county) health “districts” and 92 city health “districts.” We generally consider this the “birthday” of the Clark County General Health District and the City of Springfield Health District.

The Hughes Act and Griswold Amendment also required the newly formed health districts to employ a Health Commissioner, public health nurse, and a clerk.

The two local health districts merged on June 26,1996 to form the Clark County Combined Health District.

Separately, the City of New Carlisle (which became a city and established their own health district in 1973) entered into a contractual agreement with the Clark County Combined Health District on Jan. 1, 2005 for all health department services.

Our programs have greatly changed over the years from the new public health needs of the population.

Public Health Laws