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School Inspections

The Clark County Combined Health District conducts comprehensive inspections in all of the schools in the county on a semi-annual basis. During inspections, registered sanitarians identify any health or sanitary issues that may pose a health threat to students and staff. Items which are focal points during a typical inspection of the school environment include indoor air quality, proper storage and handling of chemical hazards, pest control and pesticide use, playground safety, child care needs, proper food handling in kitchens and cafeterias and general fire and electrical safety. Sanitarians also work closely with school administrators and school nurses and make them aware of public health concerns identified in a school building.

The Board of Health is collaborating with other local health departments, the Ohio Environmental Health Association, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio School Board Association, the Ohio Department of Education, and the Bureau of Workers Compensation to improve the School Environment Inspection Program on a statewide basis. The long term goal of this partnership is to create legislation that would serve the needs of our schools and communities, as well as, provide training for sanitarians.