Prevent. Promote. Protect. Health Equity & Cultural Literacy

Health Equity & Cultural Literacy

Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Clark County Combined Health District is dedicated to addressing the root causes of health inequities and promoting a healthy and safe community. As the problem of racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes persists, policymakers and the general public increasingly look to public health experts to address these urgent circumstances.

Underlying all public health programs is an acknowledgement and deeper understanding of the effects that historical, cultural and socioeconomic factors have on the health of communities, especially those who are most underserved. We work to attract and retain staff from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to build and sustain a positive climate for inclusion and community, and to engender multiple modes of approaching complex public health problems. We strive to create programs, services, and collaborative partnerships that leverage our strengths, similarities, and differences. We challenge ourselves to view problems and evalutate solutions through an equity lens. Through each of these efforts, we aim to foster a generation of public health professionals who are poised to transform health for the better in Clark County. 

The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion is the work of public health. We are committed to a future that is free of inequities that promotes the highest level of wellness for the communities we serve. Our public health workforce embodies humility, respect, leadership, and service on behalf of, and with, the diverse communities we are privileged to serve. 

Haitian Community Insights

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Haitian Beliefs about Death

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Food and Culture of Haiti

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