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Bereavement & Grief Recovery

Bereavement Visits

Losing an infant to death is a devastating event.  Parents who have experienced a loss go through many stages of grief.  The role of the Public Health Nurse is to help parents recognize those stages and progress through them.

Bereavement visits are offered to all mothers and/or fathers who have experienced the loss of a baby from 20 weeks gestation to 2 years of age.  The Public Health Nurse attempts to visit the bereaved parent(s) shortly after the death of the child.  Visits may also be made after much time has elapsed, as life events may occur that reopen the family’s grief. The role of the Public Health Nurse is to allow parents an opportunity to talk about their loss and to provide them with a list of available support groups and reading materials to assist in working through this difficult time. Follow-up visits are scheduled as needed.

You may contact the bereavement nurse, Kristen LyBurtus, by calling the Clark County Combined Health District, Nursing Division, at 937-390-5600 extension 269.