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Weekly data update

Cases Update (As of 1-14)

    • 1,272 confirmed cases this week of COVID-19 Jan. 8-13
    • 156 New Hospital Admissions over the last 7 days
    • There are currently 1,214 cases on average per 100,000 residents
    • Community transmission of the virus remains very high with a positivity rate approaching 20%

Vaccine Update (As of 1-14)

  • 8% of eligible Clark County population (ages 5+) have received 1 dose (71,517) and 51.06% are fully vaccinated
  • 476 first doses of vaccine throughout Clark County between Jan. 7-14
  • 513 vaccines administered by CCCHD between Jan. 7-14
  • 372 of those were third/booster doses
  • CCCHD administered 56 vaccines to 5-11 year-olds; and 83 vaccines to 12-17 year-olds

What impact has that surge in cases had on the local hospital?

  • Patients continue to have to be housed in Emergency Departments
  • Significant percentage of individuals presenting at hospitals seek treatment for COVID-related symptoms
  • More patients than at any time during the pandemic are hospitalized due to COVID-19

I’ve seen headlines that National Guard troops were coming to Clark County, what do we know about that?

  • National Guard mobilizations were ultimately deployed to Springfield Regional Medical Center to assist with staffing needs there

What do we continue to know about vaccines and their safety/effectiveness?

  • Hundreds of millions of vaccines have been administered in the United States. These vaccines have undergone the most rigorous safety studies in history
  • 86% of hospitalized patients in the Miami Valley are unvaccinated
  • Statewide, approximately 90% of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated

How do vaccination rates compare between people of color and white residents?

  • Vaccination rates in Clark County among Black population is 45%, which is about 5 percentage points behind white residents
  • Clark County will participate in a pilot program to specifically target minority populations